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“Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother, and medium. There is no life without water.” – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, M.D. Discoverer of Vitamin C.

To mankind, water is not just an elixir of life but one of the most basic needs in order to live. Sadly, with the alarming increase in contaminants and pollution, our water has become unsafe. A few decades ago, boiling water was enough to eradicate germs and bacteria. We can safely drink it after it cools down. However, today, our water has gotten badly contaminated that boiling is no longer sufficient to prevent certain illnesses. For it to be safe for consumption, it requires to go through a more advanced purification process, leading to the rise of several water purifier brands.

With a myriad of water purifiers in the market, searching for the best water purifier in India can be a tedious task. Some are low maintenance water purifier models with good storage capacities. Whereas, others are without any storage at all, and more suitable for homes with continuous water supply. For those whose water source is from borewells, it’s recommended to look for the best water purifier for hard water. Models with RO membrane are also available for homes within the industrial area.

There’s quite a long list of variety and we’ve sifted through numerous related reviews to search for the top contenders. We also included suggestions on how to select the best purification technology and a discussion on the purification process. Let’s get started!

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Best Water Purifier Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Eureka Forbes was established in Mumbai, India, almost four decades ago. Since then, it has become India’s favourite brand for most household appliances. Well-known for providing the best UV water purifier in India, the Aquaflo DX 18-Watt unit lives up to its customers’ expectations.


Showing exceptional performance in eliminating harmful elements, sediments, or chemicals, this water purification system is a great investment in any household.

One of the exciting features of this water purifier is that it turns two filtration processes into one and utilizes a dual filtration cartridge. This enables the water filter to eliminate the contaminants quickly as it can filter two litres of water per minute with its Smart flow technology. Also, this model comes with indicators to keep you informed of the status of the cartridge and the UV lamp. What’s more, the Aquasure Aquaflo DX offers a more attractive price point compared to some water filters out there.

Although it doesn’t have a storage capacity, it features a built-in voltage stabilizer that allows the product to work during power fluctuation. Moreover, the water filter is designed with advanced alerts that send off a warning when there’s something wrong with the unit. In case of defects, Eureka Forbes offers a one-year warranty for your investment and reliable customer service.



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If you are searching for a stylish water purifier with a transparent design, then take a look at this model from Kent. Another worthy contender for the best water purifier in India, KENT Grand can filter all types of water, making it the best UF water purifier system.


KENT New Grand uses a multi-stage purification technology to eradicate dissolved impurities, salts, and microorganisms, ensuring that water is safe for consumption. The patented Mineral RO Technology preserves essential natural minerals in purified water through a TDS Controller to supply safe and secure drinking water from any source. Also, this unit can store up to 8 litres of water and has a high purification capacity of 20L per hour. This is ideal for providing homes and small offices with a continuous supply of purified water. Additionally, the sediment filter removes mud and other visible contaminants.

Furthermore, the KENT RO Grand is constructed with an advanced Save Water technology which aids in water waste reduction. This state-of-the-art water purifier comes with a water level indicator that makes it easy to monitor how much purified water is left in your tank. You can conveniently turn on the machine whenever the water level runs low.



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From a brand that’s known for high-quality purification systems, the Ruby Economical is certainly popular among families on a limited budget. Its first-rate technology and affordability make it the best RO UV water purifier in India.


One of the winning features of this RO purifier is the inclusion of numerous filters. It contains a pre-filter or sediment filter that is useful in removing dirt, rust, sand, and particles. Aside from that, the RO UV water purifier has a 1-micron filter that effectively eliminates contaminants. While the activated carbon filter removes organic chemicals and chlorine to improve the water quality, the post carbon filter eradicates unwanted taste and odour from it. Additionally, there is a Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane that gets rid of hard water minerals like Barium, Lead, Mercury, and other elements.

The Ruby Economical has an impressive storage capacity of 12 litres. Moreover, it comes with a one-year warranty for electrical parts, except for the UV lamp. The company also offers service and installation support for its customers.



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If you’re looking for the best water purifier for home, this model from Eureka Forbes is worth considering. Once again, this trusted brand has made it to our top 10 list with its Aquasure Smart Plus. Built with exceptional features, you can rest assured that you’ll have safe drinking water any time.


This amazing water purifier comes with RO UV MTDS technology that purifies water from any sources. It has a six-stage filtration process that can purify and control TDS of up to 2000 mg/litre. Interestingly, it is one of the most affordable RO UV purifiers, suitable for most water sources like tankers, taps, and borewell. The Aquasure water purifier comes with a 6-litre storage tank and a see-through water level indicator for easy monitoring. Unlike most RO purifiers in this range, Aquasure Smart Plus is designed with a colour-changing light. There’s a different colour for every warning concerning the unit, such as low incoming water pressure, tank full, or error with the machine.

Additionally, the body of the purifier comprises of excellent quality, food-grade plastic that contribute to the durability of the product. It is supremely resistant to heat, minimising the risk of damage due to humidity and fire. The cartridge’s processing capacity is 6000 L, ensuring clean water supply for a long time. What’s more, this water purifier comes with an energy-saving feature through its smart sensor. Its prompts the system to automatically turn off once the tank is full. Also, with the Aquasure Smart Plus’s sleek and compact design, it’ll surely look good in any part of your home.

Just keep in mind though that for every litre of water that it purifies, 650ml is being flushed out as waste, similar to other models on this list. Hence, it’s recommended to have a separate container for this waste water so it can be used for washing.



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Another worthy contender that has made it to our top 10 water purifier picks is the Livpure Glo RO UV Mineralizer. Best for large as well as medium families, the elegant and sleek design of this water purifier will complement any modern kitchen.


Livpure Glo Water Purifier has helpful alerts that indicate ongoing filtration, power on, tank full, and other notifications. It utilises an innovative 6-stage water purification process to ensure safe and refreshingly-tasting drinking water at all times. Also, the compact built enables easy installation in tight spaces. Aside from this, it comes with a 7-litre storage tank, so you’ll have a continuous water supply in case of power failure.

Additionally, the mineralizer or mineral cartridge integrated into this water purifier improves the water quality and taste. It plays a vital role in adding essential minerals to purified water, balancing the pH level. One of the exceptional components of Livpure Glo water purifier is the RO membrane. This layer takes care of the heavy industrial impurities, microorganisms, TDS, and other contaminants.

With a purification capacity of 12 litres/hour, this unit will make sure that you’ll have the cleanest drinking water possible. However, the time required to decontaminate and cleanse depends on the impurities present in water, the TDS level, life of filters, and input water pressure. Also, Livpure water purifier comes with a one-year warranty and customer support.



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Pureit has the most advanced range of water purifiers in India. Hindustan Unilever Limited has been the leader for consumer products for nearly nine decades, in both home and personal care departments. And, HUL Pureit Advanced is a breakthrough innovation designed by this company.


HUL Pureit Advanced water purifier comes with a convenient storage tank of 5 litres. Thus, you won’t have to worry about water shortage in the absence of electricity. Power fluctuation is a common problem in Indian towns and cities. These unexpected interruptions inevitably damage electrical appliances over time. But thanks to Pureit water filter’s advanced voltage fluctuation guard, your unit will continue to work properly despite this issue.

Also, the water purifier comes with a massive capacity of purifying 9-12 litres of water per hour. The advanced 6-stage purification system guarantees that all kinds of microorganisms, salts, and chemicals are eliminated to provide safe drinking water for your family. Additionally, it ensures complete protection from all water-borne diseases, for a price that’s easy on the budget.

The HUL Pureit Advanced RO MF (microfiltration) comes with a sleek, compact design that will surely blend in any part of your kitchen. What’s more, the brand offers a one-year warranty and superb customer support.



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Eureka Forbes brought forth yet another great product into the market. It is designed with the latest and much needed water purification technology which is the RO UV MTDS.


Another top water purifier in India, the Aquasure Delight’s purification system is equipped with the RO Membrane, sediment filter, post-carbon filter, chemi block, and UV disinfection chamber. This water purifier also features manual adjustment for the TDS level with the help of a TDS controller. This feature does not only adjusts the TDS level, but it also enhances the taste and quality of water.

The Aquasure Delight has filter cartridges that are designed to filter 6,000 litres. For a family of four, which may consume around 15-20 litres of water daily, the cartridge would last for almost a year. Furthermore, the water purifier is crafted with an attractively compact design. Its 7-litre semi-transparent tank makes it easy to track the water level. Plus, there are three LED indicators to notify the user if the power is on, tank’s full or if it’s in the process of purifying. The unit will also start beeping if it detects a problem with the UV lamp.

If you’re looking for water purifier best suited for small offices, then Eureka Forbes’s Aquasure Delight is an excellent choice.



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If you’re in need of an efficient UV water purifier, here’s another top-of-the-line product from Eureka Forbes. The Aquasure Smart is a 20-watt water purification solution that provides pure and safe drinking water.


Though it doesn’t have the RO UF water purification system, the unique UV Lamp sensing device makes up for this downside, ensuring good water quality. When a lamp malfunction occurs, the water purifier automatically stops dispensing. Also, it utilises a high-grade quartz glass tube for purification instead of metal, for safe processing.

With Aquasure Smart UV water purifier, you can save power and water. Unlike RO UF water purifiers, these filters provide 100% purified water with zero or minimal wastage. It also boasts of a high-speed flow rate of 2 litres per minute. However, it’s worth noting that despite its advanced purification technology, this water purifier doesn’t have a storage tank. You’ll have to store your purified water in bottles. Thankfully, the package includes a glass holding tray which you can use when filling the containers. Additionally, the Aquasure Smart UV is quite compact you can place it anywhere in the kitchen.



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This unique brand has time and again produced water purifiers which have proved to be superior in quality, meeting every requirement of Indian households. This time, it has to come up with an amazing unit that isn’t dependent on electricity.


The brilliant minds at Eureka Forbes have developed the Kitanu Magnet Nanotechnology to provide safe drinking water even during power outages. This water filter uses positively charged nanofibres to remove all kinds of contaminants in the water. Moreover, no chemical is used during the purification process.

Aquasure’s gravity-based water purifiers come with three filters. The first is the microfiber mesh or pre-filter found in the upper-most part of the tank. The purification starts here, where bigger particles like sand, mud, and other visible pollutants are eliminated. Next is the activated carbon trap which removes all sorts of chemical impurities, foul odour, colour, and taste. The last one is the kitanu magnet cartridge. It is a patented filter that doesn’t utilise any chemical. However, it effectively traps viruses, bacteria, and other disease-causing microorganisms from your drinking water.

The Aquasure Amrit is equipped with a 20-litre tank ideal for a small to medium-sized family. Also, this water purifier has an auto-shut function to minimise wastage or prevent health issues. Once it reaches its cartridge’s lifespan, the system automatically stops the water flow. It has about 1500L cartridge life and a 6-month warranty.



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Manufactured by one of the leading brands in India, the Havells Max Alkaline is the latest RO UV water purifier in the market. If you want to get pure drinking water and save at the same time, this one is an excellent option.


Best for small families, the Havell Max Alkaline has a compact 3-way mounting design, making it easy to position the unit anywhere in your kitchen. Also, it features a seven-stage purification complete with an activated carbon filter, germicidal UV, sediment filter, RO membrane, minerals and revitalizer cartridges. The water purifier has a built-in taste enhancer that provides 100% pure and sweet tasting water filled with essential minerals, too. This unit can dispense purified water with pH rating of 8 to 10.

Havells max purifiers come with 8-litre tanks and have a filtration capacity of 15 litres. Furthermore, it is capable of self-diagnosing and will send off alerts in case of system problems like pump failure. Also, the water purifier features a unique soft-touch faucet for smooth flow and less wastage. It’s constructed with a contaminant-proof tank cover to keep insects and dust away. The storage tank is likewise detachable, making it easier to clean regularly.

Additionally, this RO UV water purifier has advanced voltage fluctuation guard to keep your unit in good condition despite frequent power interruptions. The brand also offers a one-year warranty. With its elegant space-saving design and fantastic features, you’ll have one of the best water purifiers for home.



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Buying Guide for Comparing Water Purifiers

Frequently Asked Questions

True enough, it’s not that easy to compare water purifier options with so many brands and models in the market. Hence, we collected most of the frequently asked questions and other pertinent information to help you make a well-informed decision.

Why do you need a water purifier?

a child's hand holding a water container under a tapAccording to a report from the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation in India, it is evaluated that around 37.7 million Indians are affected by water-borne diseases. Among the 37.7 million, 1.5 million children have died because of diarrhoea. Also, around 73 million working days are lost annually because of water-borne diseases, which leads to an economic burden of approximately USD 600 million a year. Moreover, according to the data issued by the MDWS, approximately 8.19% of the population were affected from 2017 to 2018 due to poor water quality.

It is approximated that about 66 million people in 20 Indian states are at high-risk of excess fluoride. It was also evaluated that about 10 million people were at risk due to excess arsenic in the groundwater. Over 62 million are afflicted by various levels of fluorosis, of which almost 6 million are children below the age of 14. They suffer from dental, non-skeletal, and skeletal fluorosis. These reports are quite unnerving. The condition of water contamination in India demands that almost every home in this country should install a water purifier or adopt water purification measures.

What is water purification technology?

A water purifier enables the water to pass through different stages of purification to cleanse it. There are water purifiers that use RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology to treat water that is hard with high levels of TDS. UV water purifiers treat and purify water containing low levels of TDS and high levels of disease-causing microorganisms. Some water purifiers possess a combination of RO UV system to filter hard water, which contains high levels of germs and bacteria. Several multi-stage water purifiers like RO UV UF, UV UF, and RO UF are also useful in treating water from multiple sources. Thus, before purchasing a water purifier, you need to test the quality of your water supply. Only then you can choose the kind of purification technology best suited for your home.

What is TDS? What is the tolerable TDS level of drinking water?

Throughout the article, you have seen ‘TDS’ pop many times. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. It refers to all the minerals, metals, salts, cations, and anions that are present in the water but invisible to the naked eye. It is measured in ppm (parts per million) or mg/l. The TDS in water can be determined using a TDS meter. The lower the TDS level, the safer is the water for consumption. The standard TDS level of water that is recommended for drinking purposes ought to be around 300-500 ppm. However, anything more than 1200 ppm is unfit for drinking.

Why is it vital to remove harmful contaminants from the water?

Water contains many harmful contaminants. These include dissolved pesticides, solids, rust, bacteria, disease-causing germs, and also heavy metals like iron, arsenic, fluoride, or lead. All of these contaminants are responsible for causing severe health issues like hepatitis, cholera, typhoid, jaundice, and even cancer. Impurities also affect the water’s smell and taste. Therefore, it is essential to eradicate these pollutants, so that your family will have clean and safe drinking water.

Is it essential to test the water supply in our houses?

a laboratory worker holding a glassEvery household does not receive the same quality of water. The contaminants and TDS can differ from place to place and in every home. It is quite crucial to test the quality of water that is being supplied to your home to determine the best type of water purifier you need. RO water purifiers are the best choice for areas that are supplied with high TDS levels. On the other hand, UV water purifiers are ideal for killing germs and bacteria that cause various water-borne diseases.

Which purifier is suitable for borewell water?

Most houses in big cities are supplied with water from borewell or underground. The water supplied from this source contains high levels of iron, TDS, rust, iron, fluoride, lead, and other elements. The best type of water purifier, in this case, is an RO water purifier that uses reverse osmosis. It eliminates all the harmful contaminants through a semi-permeable membrane. Borewell water also consists of high levels of microorganisms that cause diseases. Hence, an RO UV water purifier is the ideal purification device that should be used. The UV lamp kills the disease-causing germs by attacking their DNA, thus preventing them from multiplying.

What is universal water purifier?

Universal water purifiers are multi-stage filtration solution that uses all kinds of purification technologies such as RO UV UF along with activated carbon and sediment filters. These purifiers can treat water coming from multiple sources like underground, mixed, borewell, or tanker.

Which is better – an RO or a UV water purification system?

UV water purifiers can kill the disease-causing germs and bacteria only. They cannot remove the bodies of microorganisms and other dissolved solids present in the water. RO water purifiers, on the other hand, can eliminate all the contaminants and can also remove dead microorganisms. Furthermore, RO water purifiers improve the taste of water, and its mineral cartridge preserves the essential minerals. Additionally, RO water purifiers are ideal for areas with high TDS. So, even though the RO is more expensive than other filters, it is the preferred choice.

What is SCMT?

SCMT stands for Silver Charged Membrane Technology. It is a new level of purification in RO water purifiers, which prevents secondary microbial contamination. RO SCMT offers double protection and purification. It guarantees a water supply that is both healthy and safe for drinking.

Why do RO purifiers waste so much water?

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) purifiers use a unique solution known as RO membrane technology to filter dissolved contaminants. RO membranes have an infinite number of holes, which are as small as 0.0001 microns. This is to allow water to pass through and filter away everything else. The impure water is then filtered out, which is called wastewater or rejected water.

The percentage of wastewater differs based on the water quality or the RO and TDS purifier being utilised. An average RO purifier roughly produces 3 litres of wastewater for every litre of purified water. This means only 25% of water is filtered, and 75% of water comes out as waste and unwanted. But, as a responsible citizen, you should not send this water down the drain. This RO wastewater can be used for other home chores like washing dishes or clothes, watering plants, or cleaning your car. The latest models of RO water purifiers have a recovery ratio of about 50%, which significantly reduces the RO wastewater.

Does an RO water purifier consumes more electricity?

Although there’s a lot of filters present in the latest models of water purifiers such as RO, UF, UV, and TE, the electrical consumption is entirely dependent on the motor and pump. This means that you don’t have to worry about your power bill even if you are using the purifier frequently. Most RO water purifier systems have a power consumption of just 25 watts, which simply means 1 unit in 40 hours. It is technically a small number when you compare it to other home appliances.

Is an RO water purifier good for health?

It is a well-known fact that RO water purifiers offer the safest water purification. Hence, every RO technology comes under the best water filter in India. The only issue with RO water purifiers is that they do not discriminate between essential minerals and impurities. This means that, while eliminating most of the contaminants, RO purifiers also remove some of the vital minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Some experts believe that long term consumption of demineralized water is not good for our health, particularly if it’s not sufficiently supplemented with food nutrients. Right now, there is no other technology that provides such dependable and safe water purification as the RO. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about demineralization as long as the TDS level of the input water exceeds 500 ppm. And if the TDS level of the input water is below 500 ppm, you can choose a reliable RO water purifier with a TDS controller or mineralizer. This type of water purifier will not have any adverse effects on your health if you make the right choice. Still, investing in a good quality RO water purifier from a reliable brand can be a wise decision.

What is a mineralizer or a mineral guard?

True enough, an RO water purifier does a great job of cleansing and decontaminating water. But, it can also remove essential minerals along with the unsafe ones. This results in the output water having a bland taste that lacks nutrient value. Thus, water purifier brands include an extra stage of filtration which ensures the addition of vital minerals to the drinking water. It aids in maintaining the pH balance as well.

What More Should You Look for in a Water Purifier?

1. Types of Filter and Cartridge

cartridges in purification systemMake sure that the filter and cartridges in your water purifier come with activated carbon in both pre-filters and post-filters to remove unwanted particles completely. The filter eliminates all the particles like dust and dirt from the water. Furthermore, the activated carbon, which contains antibacterial properties, is crucial in eradicating the volatile components and the smell. A Biotron cartridge is an added benefit as it breaks down the molecules of water for thorough filtration. The water still retains all the nutrients, and you can also enjoy the taste. Additionally, a mineral cartridge also plays a major role in preserving essential minerals. It likewise helps in balancing the pH level of the drinking water.

2. Purification Capacity

Select a water purifier after calculating the drinking water requirement according to the number of people in your household. For a small family, on the average, you will need 12-15 litres a day. Hence, the right choice would be a filter with a capacity of 15 litres per hour. For a big family, you will need a filter that purifies 60 litres of water in an hour. When you choose, keep in mind that the water purification capacity should be sufficient for your family even during power failures. So, you can still have healthy and safe drinking water without any contaminants.

3. Type of Storage Capacity and Tank

Not all the models of UV water purifiers are designed with storage tanks. This feature is beneficial as it gives fresh drinking water at all times. However, since it doesn’t have a storage, you might have to fill containers for emergencies. If you need a water filter with storage, you can look for RO or gravitation-based water filters that are suitable for low TDS level. This allows you to have access to clean water at any time. Hence, the right storage capacity for every home is between 7 and 12 litres, which is sufficient for a family.

As you are already aware, plastic is harmful to health. So, a water filter with a container made of stainless steel or ABS food-grade plastic and a protective cover is highly recommended. This will ensure safe water consumption and will also keep away dust and insects from settling on your water.

4. Importance of Indicators and Alerts

The UV fail alert warns you when it is time to change the UV lamp. Whereas the filter change signal alerts you when it’s time for a replacement. There are quite a few water purifiers that come with additional features like a warning when the tank is full and an indicator when the purification process is ongoing. These features are quite advantageous considering the water issues we face in India. It would also help you to save water and electricity.

5. Checking Warranty and After-Sales Service

It is not just enough to select a brand that gives excellent offers, but it is also important to look for companies that provide outstanding service. Choose a product or brand that comes with at least one year of warranty. Brands like Kent offer 3 years of after-purchase service and a one-year warranty. Since we often experience frequent power failures, this makes our appliances prone to damage and will eventually need a repair or replacement. So, having a warranty and free services are essential.

6. Type of Installation

filtration systemChoosing a water purifier that adds to the beauty of your kitchen is a great idea. In looking for aesthetic features in a water filter, decide first if you want your unit to be mounted against the wall or placed on a tabletop. With several sophisticated yet ergonomic options above, selecting a stylish water filter is quite easy. However, it will come in handy to pick a brand that entails free installation within 3 days of purchase. It may be more beneficial to choose what’s convenient.

7. Water Wastage

Water wastage is a major concern with industrial waste and global warming soaring with each passing day. The rivers and groundwater are drying up in many places in India. At a time like this, it is truly crucial to ensure there is no water wastage. Choose to buy a trusted product that doesn’t allow too much water loss during purification. It is something every citizen needs to do.

8. Can the water purifier stay switched on all the time?

Most of the water purifiers currently come with advanced technology that has sensors to let you know when the tank is full and you can turn off the unit. But, if you leave the water purifier switched on every time, it will continue to consume electricity and will keep the water filled to the top. Hence, one should always switch it off if the tank is full, as shown in the water level indicator.

9. Changing Filters

Every water purifier needs its filters to be changed, but the timeframe depends on the type of water, usage, level of dissolved impurities, and other factors. Most units that have both pre and post-filters like activated carbon and sediment filters must be replaced every six months. RO membrane can be changed once every two years, depending on the water consumption and level of contaminants in the water. Continuous water purification process also wears out your cartridge.

Most of the water purifiers nowadays come with warning signals and indicators. Some of these include filter change alerts and UV fail alarms that notify you when it is time for replacements.

Which One is Preferable – RO, UV, or UF Water Purifier?

For a healthy and safe living, it is essential to drink water that is clean and pure. In most of the metropolitan areas, the quality of water is deteriorating. Adulterated water consists of harmful bacterias and pesticides that may lead to diseases. Some of them being fatal, especially for kids. Hence, if you have children at home, buying the best water filter becomes even more important. And, choosing the right kind of water filter is critical for safe drinking water.

So, which water purifier is good? Below are the fundamental differences between the RO, UV, and UF water filters that will enable you to make the right choice.

RO (Reverse Osmosis) Filter

  • The RO water filter requires electricity to function.
  • It kills and removes almost all the bacteria from water.
  • An RO filter needs to have a specific amount of water pressure for which additional power is required.
  • RO water filter eliminates even the dissolved salts present in water.
  • If the water is unclean, this filter needs to be paired with a pre-filtration system to improve water quality.

UV (Ultra-Violet) Filter

  • Ultraviolet water filters also need electricity to operate.
  • They eradicate all the bacterias and viruses. However, the dead microorganisms remain in the water.
  • The UV water filters can work efficiently with reduced water pressure.
  • However, the UV water filters are inept in removing the dissolved salts.
  • The water needs to be safe enough for the UV filter to work at an optimum level.

UF (Ultra-filtration) Filter

  • The UF water filter doesn’t need electricity to function.
  • UF kills and eradicates all kinds of viruses and bacteria from the water.
  • It can operate with a regular water pressure supply.
  • The UF filter provides safe drinking water even if the water is unclean.
  • However, the UF water filter cannot eliminate any dissolved salt from the water on its own.

Benefits of RO UV UF

  • The main advantage of RO water filters is that it can remove all kinds of bacterias, viruses, and even dissolved salts from the water.
  • A UV water filter can cleanse dirty water but will fail in removing the bodies of dead viruses and bacteria.
  • Another advantage of a UV filter is that it functions even when the water pressure is low.
  • The UF water filter is affordable and can work efficiently without electricity.

Which Brands of Water Purifiers Are the Most Reliable?

A good brand is one that meets all of your needs and is also a smart buy. Our most trusted brands would be Eureka Forbes and Kent because of the warranty, service, and features they provide. Trust comes with time, and both of these brands have been around long enough to establish its reputation. They focus on manufacturing water purifiers that are suitable for every home and work on purifying and decontaminating water thoroughly.


an Indian woman drinking waterThe ten reviewed products were based on our extensive research on what would suit you and your family’s requirements. Still, our favourite pick as the best water purifier in India is the Eureka Forbes Aquasure DX 18-W UV Water Purifier.

With a simple yet compact design, you won’t have any problem finding a place for this water purifier. Importantly, it has employed the latest purification technology coupled with an adroit layout. The dual cartridge allows better purification of water with the highest input pressure of 2.0 kg/sq. cm and the least input pressure of 0.4 kg/ This unique purification process ensures that the water is safe and pure. Plus, it guarantees that no recontamination will occur. What’s more, this water purifier comes with a one-year warranty, which is much better than what other brands are offering. Also, you get an installation kit and a user manual.

With all of the information provided above, we believe you are now fully equipped to decide what’s the most ideal water purifier for your home. Go ahead and pick the right one for you!