What Happened to cooker-parts.co.uk?

The website cooker-parts.co.uk was a UK-based online store selling mainly cooker parts and various related accessories. Branding itself as “the most comprehensive spare parts company in the UK”, the family business was originally established back in 1971, with the website created in the late 2000s.

Based in Chorley, the company was registered under the name Cooker Parts UK by a Mr Paul Bennet. Potential clients were advised to get in touch via email or telephone to verify their part requirements, as well as to check on their part availability, as the company held a large number of obsolete parts that did not feature on the website.

The home page included a brief introduction to the site with the main body of text focussing on the huge diversity of different oven spare parts, featuring over 50,000 lines of in-stock items.

Shipping was free to UK addresses for the later part of the site’s history and you could find testimonials from satisfied customers on the terms and conditions section. This part also provided information on the terms of sale and refunds.


Cooker Parts featured a fairly basic yet easy-to-use layout. A navigation column menu with buttons to the left-hand side gave the user a selection of categories to choose from which made finding the correct part for their oven a lot easier.

After clicking on the category tab you were taken to a category page, with the menu buttons remaining in the same place so you could easily navigate between the different pages as needed.

Each page featured the same header with the company’s logo predominantly displayed. To the right of the logo, you could find the company’s contact details, as well as a page of links to other businesses specializing in various products and areas of expertise.

Most pages also featured a footer with a navigation section, mirroring the contents of the main navigation column, as well as a long list of various manufacturers whose products they stocked.


The vast majority of the site consisted of product pages with lists of oven parts. Here is a brief overview of the main product categories featured on the cooker-parts.co.uk website.

Hob Rings

Clicking on this category took you to the main hob rings page. There were five main subcategories to choose from on this page, plus an option to view all.

The categories were: ceramic elements, halogen elements, solid hob elements, standard spiral cooker rings, and sealed hob rings.

Each category was accompanied by a photograph to more easily identify the correct hob type.

Oven Elements

Selecting oven elements opened the oven and grill elements page. This featured a selection of over 100 brand names, each accompanied by their logo.

To make finding the required oven brand easier, this page also featured a drop-down scrollable menu with all of the brands in alphabetical order.

Hood Parts

On the cooker hood page, visitors to the site were presented with a series of subcategories for all parts related to cooker hoods, complete with a category image.

The following subcategories were included:

  • Cooker/extractor hood vent kits
  • Cooker/extractor hood filters
  • Cooker/extractor hood PCBs and switches
  • Cooker/extractor hood motors
  • Cooker/extractor hood visors and visor parts
  • Cooker hood lamps and lamp holders
  • Cooker/extractor hood panels and trims
  • Cooker hood support clips

There was also an option to view all. Clicking on a product subcategory brought up the parts list.

Oven thermostats

Clicking on oven thermostats took you directly to the parts list with no subcategories.

To make searching through the 14 pages of oven thermostat parts a little easier, you could sort via product ID, name, or price, in addition to a search box.

All parts followed the standard part list format, with a picture included for most products.


The simmerstat button led directly to the part list for this product, with the standard item list format, complete with a product photo where available. This page also provided you with a search field as well as a sorting option.

Fan oven motors

Selecting fan oven motors took you directly to the fan oven and cooling motors page, from where you could select your part. As with previous part list pages, you could sort or search.

Oven door parts

This menu list item brought up the oven door parts subcategory page, with a reminder that all glass was subject to stock levels and an invitation for the customer to call for information on delivery estimates.

This page featured the following subcategories:

  • Oven door and glass seals
  • Oven hinges, springs and runners
  • Oven door handles and trims
  • Oven doors and glasses
  • Oven door catches
  • Oven door microswitches
  • Oven door stoppers/buffers

Grill pans

Missing from more recent versions of the site, the grill pans page has not been successfully archived.

Selector switches

The layout for this page was identical to the simmerstat menu option.


This page featured a huge variety of product subcategories, including oven feet, printed circuit boards, instruction manuals, cooker dials/knobs, thermal fuses, kickplates, oven glass tops, not to mention an obsolete and old stock section.

To make it easier to navigate there was a “quick jump” drop-down menu at the top to switch between subcategories.

Gas oven spares

All items you may have needed for gas oven repair could be found here with various subcategories including ignition units, thermostats, gas hoses and connectors, gas oven printed circuit boards, gas taps and valves, LPG conversion kits, and grill/oven burners.

Non cooker parts

Here you could find parts for various domestic appliances in the following subcategories:

  • Dishwashers
  • Microwaves
  • Tumble dryers
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Refrigeration
  • Washing machines
  • Twin tubs
  • Lamps
  • Storage heaters
  • Toasters
  • Water heater parts
  • Vacuum bags
  • Electric heaters

Cooker-parts.co.uk provided a huge number of various in-stock cooker and domestic appliance parts ready for a rapid dispatch to the consumer.

Their team of expertly trained advisors were on standby to help check if you had found the correct part, as well as being able to inform you on the availability of obsolete parts that remained in stock.

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